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Gate Valve

Gate valves

What is Gate valves?

The gate valve is a gate for opening and closing. The movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed. The parameters of the gate valve vary, usually 5°, when the medium temperature is not high It is 2°52'. Improve its manufacturability and make up for the deviation of the angle of the sealing surface during processing. This kind of gate is called an elastic gate.

Gate valves are widely used for all types of applications and are suitable for both above-ground and underground installation. Not least for underground installations it is paramount to choose the right type of valve to avoid high replacement costs.

Gate Valve Parts

Main gate valve parts: body, seat, gate, stem, bonnet and actuator. The main operation mechanism is very simple. When the handwheel is turned, it rotates the stem, which is translated into the vertical movement of a gate via threads.

Types of Gate Valves

The working principle of manual gate valve: turning the hand wheel, through the thread of the hand wheel and the valve stem, raise or lower the valve plate connected with the valve stem to open and close.

Classified by shell/body material, gate valves can be divided into:

Metal material valves: such as carbon steel valves, alloy steel valves, stainless steel valves, cast iron valves, titanium alloy valves, Monel valves, copper alloy valves, lead alloy valves, etc.

Metal valve body lining valves: such as rubber-lined valves, fluorine-lined valves, lead-lined valves, plastic-lined valves, and enamel-lined valves.

Non-metallic materials valves: such as ceramic valves, glass valves, plastic valves.

Gate Valve Applications

Gate valves are used in almost all fluid services such as air, fuel gas, feedwater, steam, lube oil, hydrocarbon, and all most any services. Some special gate valve is used in slurry and powder product such as knife gate valve.

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